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At HMH Law Offices, we have more than seventy years of experience handling real estate for clients in Barrie, Ontario, and throughout the surrounding communities, including Department of National Defence relocation. We offer clients the representation they need in transactions for houses, condominiums and commercial real estate.

Covering All Aspects of Real Estate

Our 12-person team, led by Douglas Hill, completes a high volume of real estate transactions each year, including:

  • Purchases & Sales
  • Mortgaging & Refinancing for Personal Family Dwellings
  • Leasing Matters
  • Landlord/Tenant Matters

Covering All Aspects of Real Estate

Purchase of New Home

Few people are involved in transactions that are larger than the purchase or sale of their house. With your finances and future on the line, it is important to work with a team of lawyers who can ensure your rights are protected throughout your real estate transaction.

Protecting Your Investment

At HMH Law Offices, we know it is important to protect the real estate you have worked hard to earn. We will work with you to draft wills and powers of attorney to dictate how they would like their estate handled when they are no longer able to take care of it themselves.

Department of National Defence

HMH Law Offices is on the Department of National Defence's (DND) approval list. Our team handles a great deal of DND real estate relocation work, including matters within the electronic registration system.

Electronic Registration System

The entire registry system in Ontario is now on an electronic system called Teraview. Because independent registry offices no longer exist, only lawyers who are registered with the Law Society of Upper Canada and Teraview are able to utilize the system.

Teraview is coupled with software programs that real estate offices use. We have the upgraded computer systems and legal authority to access the system and deal with it properly. This enables us to handle your relocation efficiently and competently. Contact us online or call us to schedule your initial consultation.

Refinancing/Mortgaging Law

With interest rates at historic lows and consumer debt on the rise, we are seeing many clients who are using the equity they have in their home to consolidate their debt, or who are refinancing their mortgage to obtain better rates to save on their interest payments.

HMH Law Offices have over 40 years of experience in mortgaging and can assist you in each stage of the process, from your commitment from the lender to the final closing day and funding. Our lawyers and staff will ensure that you are comfortable with each stage of the refinance and understand all steps of the closing.

Our office will prepare the closing documentation, including the title search and mortgage documentation. We will arrange title insurance (if necessary) and meet with you to ensure that you understand the figures and process.

We look forward to meeting with you to assist you in your refinancing and mortgaging transactions.

Leasing, Landlord and Tenant

Leasing issues can be complicated and detrimental to the success of both landlords and tenants. Issues such as damaged property and default are difficult to deal with and can lead to significant financial losses if not handled properly in accordance with local and provincial laws.

Landlord/tenant laws can have a significant impact on both property owners and the tenants leasing those properties. When issues and disputes arise involving landlords and tenants, it is crucial to have an experienced lawyer acting on your behalf, explaining your rights and pursuing a result that is in your best interest.

Ontario Evictions Lawyers

At HMH Law Offices, we have handled scores of leasing issues for our clients in Barrie, Ontario, and throughout the surrounding area. We know that disputes among landlords and tenants often revolve around their lease contract, timelines for rent and penalty payments, and property damage or maintenance issues. By making sure you understand your rights and responsibilities as a landlord or tenant, our lawyers can help you defuse disagreements before they become too serious, allowing you to preserve a workable relationship. If litigation becomes necessary, we have the experience and resources to pursue your interests in court.

Ontario Lease Contract Lawyers

At HMH Law Offices, we’re experienced in handling leasing issues for our clients in Barrie, Ontario, and throughout the surrounding communities. Our real estate team, led by Douglas Hill, has handled thousands of real estate transactions and has the skills and resources necessary to resolve your legal matter and protect your rights.

Leasing Issues

Our team of Barrie leasing lawyers handles a broad range of leasing issues, including:

  • Preparation & Review of Offers to Lease
  • Drafting & Review of Lease Agreements
  • Breach of Contract Lawsuits
  • Subleasing & Assignment of Leases

When handled improperly, lease negotiations, drafting of agreements and enforcement of agreements hold many pitfalls for landlords and tenants alike. We will work with you to identify issues before they become major problems and seek solutions that protect your best interests.